Alexander Lamont Miller, Composer



        Remix in D

        Grand Rapids Press 5/7/11

“A worthy companion to the

pieces by Stravinsky and Ravel”


    GR Press 9/11/04

“Unusual but melodic

sounds to work its magic”

    Memory Box

    GR Press 3/2/07

“Put together with impressive



    New York Concert Review, Summer 2005

Alexander featured in

Symphony Magazine



    “A concerto with a timeless appeal”

           Madame Bovary, Concerto for Cello

           Grand Rapids Press ( 9/21/13

“Simply wicked”

    Cadenzas for K.299 10/26/13

“Recalling in some ways

the best mid-20th century

American symphonists”

       Scherzo Crypto

       Mike Greenberg “Incident Light” 11/15/14

       former senior critic,

       San Antonio Express-News


    Blind Date for flute and harp

           American Harp Society

           (Greater Seattle Chapter) 6/21/15

“Clever, unique —

a composer with something of

Alan Turing within him.”

        Scherzo Crypto


               Paul  Hertelendy


Photo: r.r. jones


A whirling tour-de-force

of brilliance that also

contains an enigma

to be solved.”

        JoAnn Falletta



        Encaustic for clarinet

                and orchestra

                 Tacoma News Tribune 4/3/17

“You have to hear it to believe it.

Miller’s writing is deliciously evocative,

imaginative, and humorous.”

      ROCOMOJI   Sherry Cheng, Arts and

             Culture Texas Magazine 4/6/17

“Colorfully propulsive”

“the orchestra seemed to revel in

        the mischievous score.”

                                        Scherzo Crypto

                            Los Angeles Times  3/26/18